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                Professional Jetter Business Package

                Sewer Camera Centering Guides

                Get a better view with your camera up and out of the gunk


                Mini Roller Centering Guide

                Model Number URS4

                Designed for 4 to 6 Inch Pipes

                Comes Complete With:

                • Keeps Your Camera Centered In The Pipeline
                • Protects It From Wear And Tear
                • Eight 1" Wheels Mounted On The Skid.
                • Rolls Easily In 4" And 6" Pipelines
                • Easily Negotiates 90 Degree Bends In 4" Pipe
                • Providing A Protective Housing Increasing Camera Life
                • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
                • Fits Most Standard Cameras Up To 1.5" In Diameter
                • Designed For Easy Maintenance And Is Easy To Clean
                • Super Tough Composite — Lightweight & Durable
                • Will Not Corrode.
                • Shipping Weight 5 Pounds
                • Mfg. Time 1-2 Days
                • Ships UPS – Ground

                Centering Guide


                Price $99.95
                Free Freight - 48 States


                Drain Train Roller Skid for 3" Video Pipe Inspection

                Model Number URS-DT

                Finally, a Universal Roller Skid that traverses 3" pipe Protects your push camera Enables it to get further down the pipe. Easier to retrieve. Engineered by the Universal Roller Skid experts at CPI Products. Twelve wheels navigate 90 degree and 45 degree bends in 3" pipe even beyond 80 feet.


                • Get your push camera further down the 3" pipe
                • Protects Your Camera Head From Wear And Tear
                • Easily Negotiates 90 Degree Bends In 3" Pipe
                • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
                • Fits Most Standard Cameras Up To 1.5" In Diameter
                • Super Tough Composite — Lightweight & Durable

                Video Pipe Roller SkidRoller Skid for Sewer Camera


                Price $119.95
                Free Freight - 48 States


                Trap Master

                Model Number URS-TM

                Designed for 4 & 6 Inch Traps

                Comes Complete With:

                • It Easily Negotiates 4" & 6" Traps
                • Keeps Your Camera Centered
                • Protects Camera From Wear And Tear
                • Easily Negotiates 90 Degree Bends
                • Front Section Mounts At The Camera Head
                • Rear Section Mounts At The Optimal Spot Along The Camera Head Or Spring/Gooseneck
                • Each Section Has Four Wheels To Help Guide The Camera Through The Pipeline
                • Each Section Also Features Four Wings That Lead The Camera Around Traps And Bends
                • Use With Any Push Camera Up To 1.5" In Diameter
                • Provides A Protective Housing That Reduces Wear & Tear
                • Increases Camera Lifetime
                • Lightweight, Durable, Corrosion Resistant
                • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
                • Composite Nylon Construction
                • Shipping Weight 5 Pounds
                • Mfg. Time 1-2 Days
                • Ships UPS – Ground

                Trap Master Centering Guide


                Price $139.95
                Free Freight - 48 States


                The Joe Kit 6

                Model Number URS-KIT-6

                For the URS-4 Guide, (see below) in 4"-6" Pipes.

                Comes Complete With:

                • Mini Roller Skid (URS4)
                • DrainTriain
                • TrapMaster
                • PoleCat
                • PipeSpyders
                • URS-PS100 – (qty 3)
                • URS-PS120 - (qty 3)
                • URS-PS130 - (qty 3)
                • URS-PSCBL01 - (qty 3)
                • Adapter Sleeves for URS4 & TrapMaster 
                • URS4-AS100
                • URS4-AS130
                • All in a Nanuck Heavy Duty Case with Foam
                • Mfg. Time 1-2 Days
                • Ships UPS – Ground

                URS-KIT-6 Camera Head Centering Kit


                Price $479.95
                Free Freight - 48 States


                Universal Roller Centering Guide

                Model Number URS-1

                Operates in 6 to 12 Inch Pipes
                Operates In 14" Pipes with Optional 3" Wheels

                Comes Complete With:

                • Easily Adapts To Your Portable Video Inspection System For Use In 6"-12" And Larger Pipelines
                • Accepts Cameras Under 2 Inches Diameter
                • Constructed Of Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant Nylon
                • Three Pivoting Arms Dynamically Adjust To Fit The Required Diameter Pipe
                • Keeps Your Camera Head Centered In The Pipeline
                • No Extra, Tools Or Manual Adjustments Are Required
                • Six Rugged Nylon Wheels Allow The Skid To Roll Easily
                • Optional 3"Diameter Wheels Are Available For Larger Pipeline Applications
                • Optional Flashlights Available To Provide Extra Lighting
                • Each Watertight Flashlight Provides 6,000 Candlepower
                • Up To 3 Flashlights Mount Securely To The Roller Skid
                • Security Harness For Emergency Removal
                • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
                • Shipping Weight 9 Pounds
                • Mfg. Time 1-2 Days
                • Ships UPS – Ground

                Roller Centering Guide URS-1


                Price $389.95
                Free Freight - 48 States

                Roller Centering Guide

                Optional 3" Wheels

                Optional Accessories:

                Drain Train Pro Kit Plus

                Model Number URS-KIT8

                Includes the Universal Roller Skid, Mini Roller Skid, Trap Master, PoleCat, 3" Wheel Kit, LED Kit, 3 of each PipeSpyder (12 total), and 1 of each Adapter Sleeve (4 total), Carrying case.


                • Guides for filming inside 3" to 16" pipes
                • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
                • Fits Most Standard Cameras Up To 1.5" In Diameter
                • Super Tough Composite — Lightweight & Durable


                • PipeSpyders to keep cameras on-center & cables off the walls of small pipes.
                • URS-DT DrainTrain for 3" pipes.
                • Trapmaster to navigate traps in 4-6" pipes.
                • Mini Roller Skid to protect your camera in 4-6" pipes.
                • URS1 Handles 6-12" pipes.
                • 3" Wheel Kit to enable URS1 to handle up to 16" pipes.
                • PoleCat converts push camera to pole camera.
                • Light Kit to improve camera image.
                • Adapter Sleeves to provide a secure fit for your camera


                Video Pipe Roller Skid


                Price $899.00
                Free Freight - 48 States


                Polecat Manhole Viewing System

                Model Number URS-PC

                Polecat Head – (painter pole not included)


                • Uses standard extendable painter pole (not included)
                • Use your Push Camera as a Telescopic Polecam
                • Operates With Most Standard Push Camera Systems
                • Camera Easily Straps Securely Onto Polecat Head
                • Mounting Knuckle Provides Full Swivel Capability.
                • Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant Nylon Construction
                • Optional Right-Angle Flashlight
                • Optional Flashlight Provides 10,000 Candlepower.
                • Shipping Weight 5 Pounds
                • Mfg. Time 1-2 Days
                • Ships UPS – Ground

                Polecat Manhole Viewing System


                Polecat Manhole Viewing System

                Price $39.95
                Free Freight - 48 States


                Pipespyder™ Centering Guides

                Model Numbers URS-PSCBL01S-10, URS-PS100S-10, URS-PS120S-10, URS-PS130S-10

                Designed to Mount on the Camera Spring or Push Cable


                • Protects Camera Head from Grinding on Pipeline Walls and Reduces the Snowplow Effect from Pipeline Residue.
                • Keeps Camera Centered in 4” Pipes and Above the Water Line in 6” Pipes.
                • Reduces Push Cable Contact on Pipeline Walls to Prevent Cable Locking and Flexing.
                • Thin Profile Rounded Paddles Easily Pass Over Seams or Cracks and Allow Most Material in the Pipe to Pass Through.
                • Four Sizes Available to fit Most Springs and Push Cables.
                • Ships UPS – Ground

                PIPESPYDER™ CENTERING GUIDES: URS-PSCBL01S-10, URS-PS100S-10, URS-PS120S-10, URS-PS130S-10


                Price $49.95
                For Package of 10
                Free Freight - 48 States

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