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Amazing Machinery, Your Equipment Superstore Since 1995
Professional Jetter Business Package


Amazing Machinery seeks to maintain the privacy of visitors to its website, balancing this with the need to gather statistical data. The website does not collect any personally identifiable information without user knowledge. The contact us page is the only area where personally identifiable information could be entered and all information is optional. Any information collected is used only for customer service by Amazing Machinery employees and is not provided to third parties.

Third Parties
Amazing Machinery website uses the services of a third party, Host Gator, which has their own policy on the privacy of their users. This information is not personally identifiable, it is used only for traffic flow and web site design purposes. Listed below is a link to the privacy policy of the services that we use:

Host Gator Privacy Policy

Cookies are short text files, used to store information on a computer.
Amazing Machinery does not create or use cookies that can collect personally identifiable information.

Bulk Mail
Amazing Machinery does not send bulk mailings. Visiting the website will not result in "spam" being sent to a user. The only time Amazing Machinery will contact a user of the website is if the user asks for information using the contact us form.

No advertisements collect data from visitors to the
Amazing Machinery website.

Opting Out
If you wish to opt out of any of services provided by
Amazing Machinery, where you have given personal information, please refer to the contact us page and inform us in writing of what services you wish your data to be removed from. Please allow 28 days for this information to be updated.

Information Transfer
The Internet is an inherently insecure medium for transmitting information, and we do not possess the technology to encrypt information as it travels to us. If you wish to supply us with personal information by a different means, please feel free to refer to the contact page, and to call us, fax us, or write to us.

Other Information
If you have any questions about your privacy while using this site, or wish to dispute this policy, please refer to the contact page and feel free to contact us by any of the means listed there.

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Sewer Jetters
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Jetter Conversion Kits
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Blue Burst Specials
Direct Drive Pump
Jetter Nozzles
Foot Actuated Valve
Pulsation Valves
Jetter Hose
3000psi Ball Valve
6 nozzle holder
ZipDrain Jetter Attachment
5 foot jumper hose
Adjustable Unloader
Pump Saver Antifreeze