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                At Amazing Machinery we value our customers from around the world, and wish to make doing business with us as easy as possible. We have found, leaving your shipping needs to a professional freight forwarder, you are better protected and will receive your orders quicker.

                What is a Freight Forwarder?
                An international freight forwarder is an agent for the exporter in moving cargo to an overseas destination. These agents are familiar with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries, the export regulations of the U.S. government, the methods of shipping, and the documents related to foreign trade. Export freight forwarders are licensed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to handle air freight and the Federal Maritime Commission to handle ocean freight.

                Freight forwarders assist exporters in preparing price quotations by advising on freight costs, port charges, consular fees, costs of special documentation, insurance costs, and their handling fees. They recommend the packing methods that will protect the merchandise during transit or can arrange to have the merchandise packed at the port or containerized. If the exporter prefers, freight forwarders can reserve the necessary space on a vessel, aircraft, train, or truck.

                For more information on freight forwarders click here:

                To place an order with Amazing Machinery follow these three easy steps:

                1. Call Amazing Machinery for the weight, dimensions and cost of the products you are thinking of purchasing from Amazing Machinery and having Amazing Machinery ship to your freight forwards US terminal.
                2. Contact your freight forwarder for a freight, customs and duties quote, for them to ship your purchases from their US Terminal to your receiving address (at this time they will require the cost, weight and dimensions of the shipment). If you choose to employee them you will need to arrange payment to them for their services.
                3. Finally Contact Amazing Machinery again with an order for the items you would like to purchase and your freight forwarders US receiving location. Payment to Amazing Machinery can be a "Wire Transfer" or "Charge Card" (see payment information below). Your order will be processed and shipped to your forwarders US terminal.

                Payment Information - All funds must be in US Dollars

                If you choose to Wire Transfer you will need to contact Amazing Machinery for proper banking numbers and Information.

                If you choose to use a charge card, you will need to fill out and return to Amazing Machinery the "Charge Card Authorization Form"

                Click here to download a PDF copy of the Charge Card Authorization Form

                Need a Freight Forwarder?
                We have worked successfully with the following Freight Forwarders:

                Weiss-Rohlig USA LLC.
                4820 Clark Howell Highway, Suite A-4
                Atlanta, GA  30349
                Phone: 404-209-3922

                Econocaribe Consolidators
                2401 N.W. 69th St.
                Miami, FL 33147
                Phone: 305-693-5133
                FAX: 305-835-6045

                Horizon Air Freight
                152-15 Rockaway Blvd.
                Jamaica, NY 11434
                Phone: 718-528-3800
                FAX: 718-949-0655

                Are you Buying for Import into Canada?
                Canadian Specialists

                JORI International Ltd.
                10 – 1323 44 AVE NE
                Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 6L5
                Phone: 800-268-8559

                ORDER TODAY! 1-800-504-7435
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