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                Electric Eel

                Drain Cleaning Business Package
                Full System

                Our Electric Eel® and Insight Vision® Plumber's Business Package includes includes Camera, Jetter Cleaner, Drain Cleaning Machine, and Locator. Save money as you update your tools-of-the-trade, or jump-start your new plumbing business with this package.


                Package SCCL-005

                1. eCAM Ace Pipeline Inspection Camera
                2. EModel EJ1500 Jetter Cleaner
                3. Model CT Drain Cleaning Machine
                4. Insight Vision 512Hz Locator

                Package at a Glance:

                1. eCAM Ace Pipeline Inspection Camera

                Powered by a 120v AC Supply or optional rechargeable battery pack. Rugged stainless steel housed 1.68" dia. color camera for inspecting 3" to 10" lines.

                2. Electric Eel Model EJ1500 Jetter Cleaner

                Blast through grease, sand, soap, and sludge with the EJ1500 Water Jet. The Model EJ1500 features a 1500PSI/1.7 GMP duplex pump with pulsation, a thermal relief valve, an inlet shut off valve, and a 20ft. power cord with built-in GFCI.

                3. Electric Eel Model CT Drain Cleaning Machine

                The Model CT features unique variable speed motor control that gives the operator maximum cable control and exceptional cleaning power from 75 to 350 RPM with constant torque. Cleans 3/4" - 2-1/2" diameter drain lines up to 35 Ft.

                4. Insight Vision 512Hz Locator

                Simple, inexpensive & ideal device for locating camera inspection systems, sondes and utilities. The Insight Vision 512Hz locator is an effective solution for sewer inspection and drain cleaning.
                Sewer Camera and Sectional Machine Package SCCL-005

                Package $9995.00

                Free Freight - 48 States

                More Details on this Package

                1. eCAM Ace Pipeline Inspection Camera

                • Rugged stainless steel housed 1.68" dia. color camera with sapphire lens, 20 LED light ring and high resolution CCD element.
                • Flexible camera spring designed to navigate 3" P-trap
                • Auto iris adjusts lighting automatically
                • Impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover
                • Industry standard 512HZ sonde Monitor
                • 5.4" LCD monitor with AR film for optimal viewing in sunlight
                • Anodized aluminum monitor housing mounted to the reel
                • Video output jack for recording option
                • Rugged and portable powder-coated steel frame
                • Secure-locking reel brake
                • Learn more
                eCAM Ace Pipeline Inspection Camera

                2. Electric Eel Model EJ1500 Jetter Cleaner

                • Cleans 1-1/2"- 4" Dia. Drain Lines
                • 1.5HP, 15 Amp motor
                • Reel removes from cart for easy transport
                • Pump/motor assembly removes from cart for added portability
                • Thermal relief valve and inlet shutoff valve
                • 20 ft. power cord w/GFCI
                • Nozzle sets for both size hoses
                • Made in USA
                • Learn more
                Model EJ-1500D Drain Cleaner

                3. Electric Eel Model CT Drain Cleaning Machine

                • 2-way auto-feed cable keeps hands off rotating cable
                • Advances and retrieves cable with push of a lever
                • Cleans drain lines up to 35 feet (50 feet with 1/4" cable)
                • Quiet, powerful 1/5 HP, 90V DC motor
                • Cable guide hose eliminates cable whipping
                • Heavy - duty housing protects motor and internal wiring
                • Made in USA
                • Learn more


                Model CT Countertop Electric Drain Cleaner

                4. Insight Vision 512Hz Locator

                • Operating Frequency: Sonde Mode: 512Hz & 33kHz; Line Mode: 82kHz
                • Antenna Mode: Peak & Left/Right Guidance
                • Display Indicators: Backlit LCD bar graph, low battery, signal strength, mode and function indicators
                • Power Source: 6 "C" cell batteries
                • Battery Life: Continuous: 20 hours Intermittent: 65 hours
                • Weight: 3 lbs.
                • Learn more
                Insight Vision 512Hz Locator
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