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Amazing Machinery, Your Equipment Superstore Since 1995
Professional Jetter Business Package

Skid Mounted Sewer Jetters - BossJet Max

Amazing machinery introduces the all new BossJet Max line of skid mounted jetters. This dual engine, dual pump, jetter is for the big jobs. The mounted super duty 12V electric jetter hose reel and stacked manual reel (Leader hose for indoor jetting) provide all the space for hose you might need while saving you space.


BossJet Max Skid Jetter

Comes Complete With:
Battery & Battery Box
Poly Chain Drive
2 Ceramic Plunger Pump
6.5 Gallon fuel tanks (2)
Electric Hose Reel with Hose Guide
300ft -1/2" Low Friction Sewer Hose
Aqua Pulse Feature & Adjustable Pressure
Foot Pedal Valve Water Flow Operation
6 Piece Sewer Nozzle Kit w/Cleaner
Rear-stack Mounted Hose Reel:
          • 200ft High Pressure Hose Reel
Heavy Duty Powder Coated Base
50ft Wash-down Hose
Wash-down Gun, Wand, & Tips
Customer must supply a Garden Hose
For Cleaning up to 18" Sewer Lines
Overall Measurements 67"L x 36"W x 56"H
Shipping Weight 1100LBS
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Download the Jetter User Manual

Optional Items:

Skid Sewer Jetter AM920 BossJet Max

Units may vary from picture
depending on engine choice.

Starting at $13,995.00

Free Freight - 48 States

Choose Model

Optional Items:
COVKIT-02 Indoor Jetter Kit - $299.00
ZJB101 ZipDrain Jetter Kit - $285.00

Choose Optional Item

Honda EnginesGP pumpsHonda EnginesVanguard Engines

Model Engine POLY CHAIN Hose Specification Price
# AM920-01 GX630 Honda GP Pump 1/2" 3000psi @ 16gpm $13,995
# AM920-02 GX690 Honda GP Pump 1/2" 3500psi @ 16gpm $14,995
# AM920-03 CH1000 Kohler GP Pump 1/2" 4000psi @ 18gpm $18,995
# AM920-04 CH1000 Kohler GP Pump 1/2" 3500psi @ 22gpm $19,995
# AM920-05 Vanguard 31HP GP Pump 1/2" 2000psi @ 28gpm $19,995
# AM920-06 Vanguard 31HP GP Pump 1/2" 3500psi @ 24gpm $20,995
NOTE: These Models have 2 Engines and 2 Pumps. These units can be run in Economy Mode with only one engine running or Max Mode with both engines running.
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